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Yes, you read right. These were tentative charms I was going to have made to give away, kindly put together by Zap!Creatives, who has amazing customer service by the way.

I neglected mentioning my deadline (heads up to anyone who wants to order things in general!), and I was informed they couldn’t make the charms in time. Nevertheless, I was impressed by the support they gave even up to refunding which went very smoothly. Definitely looking at ordering from them properly next time I’m preparing for a convention!


An article on Buzzfeed has some crazy amazing artists doing some amazing illustrated GIF work. Featured in this little snippet is just Sachin Teng’s work, but there are 19 more artists featured in the article, so go check it out!

This is the first post of my personal, personal blog, which happens to be one of many of my musing spots on the world wide web. Thanks for stopping by and reading!