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This is mainly a quick reference list for self that may be useful to Dubai-based (or not) artists getting ready for cons (MEFCC in our case). Consider asterisks as star-rating in terms of quality and/or potential choice.

International Printers (be prepared for shipping fees at approx 50USD for 0.5kg)

Chilly Pig Creations. (California, US) Offerings:

  • 50 min. qty, acrylic charms (white or transparent acrylic, as well as wood)
  • $115 or 422AED minimum cost
  • free b-side printing; extra white print option
  • 6-10 business days international shipping
  • rush fees: minus 3-5 days, +15% rush fee | minus 6-8 days, +25% rush fee

*Ink It Labs. (Austin, Texas) Offerings:

  • 50 min. qty, acrylic charms (clear, black, white with gloss options, colored acrylic, or wood)
  • $130 or 477AED minimum cost (USPS priority w/ tracking)
  • extra white print option (extra cost)
  • 10 day production, 6-10 business days international shipping
  • rush fees: minus 3-5 days, +15% rush fee | minus 6-8 days, +25% rush fee

*Zap! Creatives. (UK) Offerings:

  • 50 min. qty, acrylic charms, standees, phone charms, keyrings, zipper pulls, metal charms, shoe charms, phone covers, pin badges, custom rubber stamp set,
  • £25 or 130AED min. for charms
  • b-side printing option
  • 10 day production, 6-10 business days international shipping
  • rush fees: minus 3-5 days, +15% rush fee | minus 6-8 days, +25% rush fee

Awesome Merchandise. (Leeds, UK)Offerings:

  • A heckuva lot of print options from the usual button badge, to the unusual fridge magnet and the outlandish tea towel. It looks like these guys print basically everything, save for acrylic charms.

CraftJam. (UK) Offerings:

  • Custom print/cutting OR craft materials, namely lobster clasps.
  • Worldwide shipping
  • £31.00 or 157AED min

Acorn Press. Looks promising, very conmerch-oriented and specialized in acrylic charms.

Ponoko. (USA&NZ) Looks laser cutting-focused.

JiMi agency. Pleasant mix of con-potential merchandise print options – charms look nice and there’s option for sticker tape.

Stand Out Stickers. Stickers only.

Beespoke Printing (site currently down for renovation) but very interesting offerings including bundle packs with a whole set of collateral to design

Local (Dubai/UAE) Printers (home is where the art is)

DESCO. Paper options not the best but they can print on sticker paper. Tend to be the more affordable option so I generally stick with these guys.

Toil & Tinker. Looks incredibly promising, claims to print just about anything. First glance looks like screen prints and fluorescents are possible. Offerings: Prints stickers (decals), cushions, canvas.

T-Shirt Fly. Seems to have some interesting options, including button badges.

Gulfline Printing. Cheap button badge printing, decent quality but prints a tad dark.

Sahara Print. Offerings: (seem to include) button badges, holograms, print&cut stickers, laset cuts.

Desert Cart. Lobster clasps and craft items.

Creative minds. Craft items for sale

As well as Daiso, Dragon Mart(?)

POS-ME. Just found this off google, but seems like they do custom acrylic keychains


Transformers. Events provider ideal for activations.

Spoon flower. Custom fabric printing

Gann Memorials. Plushie creation

Digital artwear. Apparel printing in various formats

This year I’m looking at updating my portfolio with the stuff I’ve been up to lately since I’ve started working full-time in advertising. I won’t promise anything grand but it’s definitely a range of work that’s a step up from my college years! How time flies.

Stay tuned for some portfolio updates and possible other changes. :)

I’ve set up a weebly where I’m taking pride in flaunting Mary Sue and Gary Stu characters I’ve come up with over the years!

See it over here.

Online Tools

Graphic Design specific

Grid Designer 2


Barcode Generator Type 2

Templates: PSD, AI – a free psd a day


Royalty Free Stock Images


A collection of all the sites I’ve found that could help spark graphic design creativity.



The Dieline


Logo Design

Graphic Design & Typography


Web Design/Interactive Media

Design interest websites/blogs

Computer Arts on

David Airey & 50 blogs he recommends

So much pileup

inspiration is served on behance

Agencies & Individuals

Hara Design Graphic Design

Lemon Graphic

Feedback sites

Brand New: Opinions on corporate and brand identity work

General Creativity

It’s Nice That

I thought I’d put together a ‘mega’ list of graphic design tutorials and learning resources, might not be so mega right now but will be adding to it as I go along, trimming outdated ones, and what-have-you. If you’re passing by, I’d love if you would share any resources you’ve found useful in terms of learning design on your own.



30 Essential PDF Documents Every Designer Should Download + Part 2

Creative Latitude: Resource Downloads

blogs/web articles

Educational Resources on

Graphic Designer Mark Boulton’s blog

 Graphic Design Theory: 50 Resources and Articles

Design Aerobics 2012: Graphic Design Course Sample Lesson That is so 2012 you’re probably thinking. Site looks pretty rad though!

Logo Design Tips You Can Learn From The World’s Biggest Brands

Specific Tutorials

Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline

Dedicated Sites

Graphic Design: The New Basics

Books to Purchase

Packaging Essentials100 Design Principles for Creating Packages

Design thinking

Good kickoff meetings


A particular article from Noah Bradley looks very promising – here’s keeping it for reference.

Added a whole bunch of social media feeds to the bottom of my front page – under the section ‘M on the web’. (:

Pinterest and tumblr were quite troublesome to implement but hey, it worked out!

Just wanted to share (and keep for future reference!) a neat article on some very useful blogs that one, if at all aspiring to be a motion designer, needs to live, eat, and breathe.


Here’s the article. Enjoy!

Yes you read it right.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t quite update my personal blog as much, but I am very much active on other sites, specifically:

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That said though, I’ll still try to update this blog as and when I can, but I only have so much attention span! haha.